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Gymnast Mid-air
Halrái Body Oil Nutrient :

The Skin (Integumentary) System:   The skin consists of two layers; the epidermis and the dermas, and is the largest organ of the human body.


 Hal-rai body nutrient supports the dermas, which supports arteries, veins, lymphatic capillaries, nerves and sensory receptors. Eczema, Flakey dry skin, Psoriasis, Acne. Spiritually keeps you focused on self mastery until it becomes you.

Halrái March
" I Recommit To The Power Of My Spirit 

The energy of Hal-rai demands that we recognize the responsibility for our life.  Commitment to your spirit and living in that truth. It powerfully illumines the choices that will keep things simple. The energy of this chakra is like a water ride at an amusement park.  You climb into a log that rides upon water in a channel. It carries you in the direction to reach your goal.                

The channel keeps you on track and leads you to the completion of the ride.  Hal-rai requests that you claim your ticket by realizing that the ride was created for your enjoyment.  Without your participation, it has no purpose. If you can surrender to letting go of control, the trust of spirit will become a new way for you.  This experience will be everything and more on your behalf so you can be open and ready to receive