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Hal-mard Body Oil Nutrient: 

Rules the Central Nervous System:


Primarily of the brain, thalamus, hypothalamus, pineal gland, and spinal cord.  The brain consists of four major lobes. 1) The frontal which is concerned with intellectual functions including reasoning, and abstract thinking, aggression, sexual behavior, smell, speech, and voluntary movement. 

Hal-mard's Body Nutrient  improves Sleep,

Anxiety, Balance, Calming, Depression, Spinal cord injuries, Migraines Restless legs, Vertigo, decalcify Pineal gland.


"I Am Open And Willing To Receive"

2017-18 and 19 will be a bit of a shakeup as we move into higher spiritual understanding and recognize our part in choices we make. Hal-mard energy is the light that shines through the darkness to illumine joy and happiness that awaits us in the next step. Hal-mard clears our vision and allows us to see the positive potential that each moment holds.
Hal-mard is the lighthouse on the shore that allows us to clearly see dangerous choices, even in the midst of our turmoil.  It allows us to recognize the boulders and guides us through clear channels of opportunities.  Hal-mard supports the nervous system, spine and brain function to make clear positive choices. Activate this within you sounding out the word.

Have fun and sing the word and let any heavy feelings fall away. 

Benefits: decalcifying Pineal Gland

Balanced Characteristics:

• Reveals the unity of spirit
• Allows you to recognize your soul’s use in daily life
• Mastery of soul’s purpose
• Renews life-changing ability
• Opens the door to Divine inspiration of all aspects of creation
• Discloses how all of the creation will contribute to your 

   choices that bring about positive change

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