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 Body Essentials

Plant Alchemy is natural essential oils from the Earth with centuries of success.


Hallái Natural Apothecary corresponds to the twelve major energy centers of the body.

Twelve remedies balance twelve meridians in the body uniting the mind-body-spirit. Each essential prescription renews the body's energy to a high vibration of love it clears imbalances. 

An aroma smell test plays a significant role in health and wellness programs. Also, it plays a role in controlling several physiological functions, such as breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure.

Organic MCT Oils / Non-Chemical

Each bottle is handcrafted and packaged in glass to ensure integrity, purity, and potency. No fragrances, just pure plant oils. The same formula will sometimes have a pungent to lighter smell depending on the batch from a wet or dry season.


Plant Essentials

The attractiveness of plant oil is it is 100,000 times more potent than its dried form? 

Vibrational botanicals extracted from bark, roots, flowers, stems, seeds, and leaves provide a system of healing which is easily absorbed through inhalation or absorb in the skin for natural health benefits. 

An art that has been used and protected for centuries.

A lover of Greek history, I became mesmerized by Claudius Galenu's work of plant oils.

(Greek: Κλαύδιος Γαληνός ). 


In 131 AD, this famous surgeon to Roman gladiators used medicinal plants to heal their battle wounds. It was recorded that no gladiator died from wound injuries during his term of office.

I became hooked and studied and researched even more.  



I  had breakouts on my forehead and around my chin. Nothing seemed to work unless I had very dried-out skin from medicine. It came back when I stopped using it. Rhonda told me to stop drinking soft drinks and use Siah oil to see if I noticed a change.  Kinda weird, but my face has been clear for about  37 days.

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