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"I AM one with my creator"
Hallái Body Oil Nutrient:

​Natural healing remedy for the 

Lymphatic System:


The lymphatic system consists primarily of the thymus, spleen, red bone marrow, lymph nodes, tonsils, adenoids, and appendix.

It's the primary guardian against disease. Hal-lai Body Nutrient improves Immune and lymphatic disorders, allergies, auto-immune.


A year within the heart of all creation bringing up the Big T Truths!  If it's hidden we'll soon know about it. If it's dishonest it will be revealed. The vibration of the Earth is at a higher frequency and we are adjusting to her consciousness. Our children will reveal what they see and already know.

Hallái is the threshold you must come to in order to begin to fully understand why life exists and how you play your part in it.