Hallái Energy Centers

You are born with twelve portals of light called energy centers or chakras. This is your personal energetic blueprint and frequency. They activate and vibrate through your experiences and consciousness.  
Two centers dominate your physical and spiritual strengths, gifts, and wellbeing.
While this is not an astrological sign; it is an individualized blueprint of your energetic make-up that vibrates to the physical and spiritual constitution.
The goal is to have all 12 chakras activated so your energy level is vibrating to live in a higher state of consciousness.
Tapping into this frequency, you open a conscious connection to compassion, inner guidance, peace, harmlessness, health, and wellbeing.  When they are stagnating, there is no creative inspiration, anger, confusion, and lack set in; illness and fatigue become targets for your experience

Find Your Physical & spiritual Centers here

The Four pillar's of Health

physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental Balance 

The first is your physical center and attributes.

 The second is your spiritual center and characteristics.

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