Aligning 12 Energy Centers/Chakras

You are born with wheels of light that illumine within you. When awakened, it returns you to 
explore the gifts of the two wheels of light that influence your physical and spiritual gifts by your birth date.
All twelve hold illumination to become our ascended self. 

When you calculate the first one is your physical chakra center gifts and attributes.

The second is your spiritual center gifts and attributes.

Enter your birthday and find the two dominant energy centers containing the blueprint of your energetic makeup and spiritual gifts for your life.  

Then, follow the personal links to understand more.

The Book Essentials of Being:
brings you to a comprehensive understanding of you and your strengths.

 Hallái Chakra Energy Centers





These wheels of illumined energy centers of light are called chakras. It's your personal divine blueprint and personal frequency from life experiences.
They vibrate energy through your experiences, providing awareness in everything you do. 

Two chakras influenced by your date of birth are your physical and spiritual strengths, genius, gifts, and talents.
While this is not astrology, it is the accumulation blueprint of your energetic make-up that dominates the constitution of the physical and spiritual imprint you bring into a life's existence.​

When all 12 systems are activated and aligned, your health and well-being are illumined with high consciousness.
You will have peace of mind matching the frequency to what you desire and choose to experience.  Living in this conscious connection, inner guidance, peace, and harmlessness fulfill new miracles to experience.


"There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophies!"  ~ Friedrich Nietzsche 

The 12 energy centers of the hallái healing system