Find your physical & Spiritual  Energy Centers


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When you are ready to change cellular consciousness from what is into what are the possibilities, dynamic change takes place. You become happy, and so does your body, mind, and spirit. Energy Centers hold unique physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual constitutions that work in harmony. 


When the Energy Centers become clogged, illness, fatigue, stress and each can day become a real challenge.

When you understand how energy centers affect your life, you understand and celebrate every day in a more intentional, focused, and positive way — health, vitality, and wellbeing begin to rule.

What are your unique Energy centers

Spirit connects all things - connects the flow of the mental, the emotions, the physical. It is the wellbeing that holds all things together. 
If there is no spirit involved you cannot draw from the soul - there are no memories. 
The body uses up enormous energy trying to cope and compensate for this state of imbalance.

Awaken Within

Discover your ability to remove any blocks to physical health and wellbeing. Expand and liberate more intuitive guidance.  Two of your energy Centers play a dominant role in your health and wellbeing.

Follow the personal links to your physical &  spiritual centers.

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