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 Hallái Energy Centers

12 Energy Chakra Centers on a Womans Body


You are born with two dominant centers of light called energy centers or chakras. This is your personal divine blueprint and frequency. They activate and vibrate through your experiences providing mastery over your life.
Two centers are dominated by your date of birth for your physical and spiritual strengths, genius, gifts, and talents.
While this is not astrology; it is an individualized blueprint of your energetic make-up that dominates the constitution of your physical and spiritual imprint you bring into a life existence.
When all12 systems are activated your health and wellbeing are illumined with healthy conscious energy throughout.
To master this frequency, you open a conscious connection to compassion, inner guidance, peace, harmlessness, health, and wellbeing.  When they are blocked there is no creative inspiration. Anger, confusion, and lack set in; illness and fatigue become targets for your experience

Find Your Physical & spiritual chakra Centers here

The Four pillar's of Balanced Health

 spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental balance 

The first is your physical center and attributes.

 The second is your spiritual center and attributes

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