Natural Remedies

Plant alchemy has been a passion of mine for many years.


After accumulated deep study with Shaman's and application into the nature and benefits of plants, I began to formulate simple recipes for sleep and colds.

It was mostly all that was used for my children and pets and a few friends who would ask for help.


One day a friend said, "Its time to formulate your oils if you need to smell my bottle each time to remember what you made for me." 


So the 12 formulated remedies were born as medicinal plant prescriptions for 12 energy centers.


 Each bottle is handcrafted and packaged in glass to ensure integrity and potency.

Organic Plant Essentials

Did you know Plants oils are 100,000 times more potent than its dried form? 

Potent plant botanicals extracted from bark, roots, flowers, stems, seeds, and leaves provide a system of healing which is easily absorbed through inhalation or absorb in the skin for natural health benefits. 

An art that has been used and protected for centuries.

A lover of Greek history, I became mesmerized by Claudius Galenu's work of plant oils.

(Greek: Κλαύδιος Γαληνός ). 


In 131 AD, this famous surgeon to Roman gladiators used medicinal plants to heal their battle wounds. It was recorded that no gladiator died from wound injuries during his term of office.

I became hooked and studied and researched even more.  



Jessie K.

I started using  Baylahr as a mood lifter and found within a couple of days a surge of energy.  I love the smell. and over the last 8 years, I also notice  I  don't catch colds. 

Larry R

I call these my spiritual guru oils because  I sleep so much better and remember my dreams., I don't get sick and my girlfriend loves the way I smell.  

Demond S

I had eczema for years. I have been to every doctor and used every ointment for it to come back again.  I used  Halrai body oil for only 2 months and it disappeared.

I am 3 years with clear skin.

I highly recommend Rhonda's sessions, workshops, and retreats to anyone looking for deep healing in a beautiful, supportive environment. She finds your playfulness  in the challenges you're moving through

----Stephanie Arehart

I love my oil and my children ask for it every night before bed.

I notice they are so much calmer and when everyone at school is sick mine are fine. This really improves their  immune system 

—Cassandra Romeros

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