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Reflection in a Pond
           Eiahn Body Nutrient
Skeletal System: 

Our bones form cages and boxes that protect fragile organs given their shape.


This natural remedy brings calm to arthritic pain a natural treatment for calming focus, and sound sleep.


Grounded thoughts and compassion are to recognize your human family. 


Woodland oils and cedar essential oils bring grounded nature and pain-free to achy joints. 




"I AM One With All of Creation"



Since the beginning of the earthly experience, it has been necessary for us to maintain a connection to the earth.  We are fed by her fruits and her plants provide us with the very air we breathe.  Her waters sustain our life and quench our thirst.  As we begin the process of returning ourselves to balance, we must begin by bringing ourselves back into harmony with the earth and her energy. 

Our true self or spirit contains the knowledge of our existence as a part of the Universe and uses that wisdom in this time and space for balance and restoration.


Balanced Characteristics:

• Anchors your spirit to earth

• Renews personal balance and harmony
• Integrates our true self into the physical body
• Allows us to recognize beauty in all creation
• Helps us to nurture others and ourselves
• Allows us to actively participate in returning the earth to balance
• Draws the power of your spirit through the body

• Remain focused and grounded

• Relieves depression


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