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Reah Body Oil Nutrient:

The primary organ of the female reproductive system is the ovary, which produces the ova and secretes the hormones estrogen and progesterone.


The uterus serves as a site for implantation and nourishment of the embryo.

Reah Body Nutrient supports: PMS relief, shrink fibroids, tumors, fertility and sexual performance support.


Balances hormones / healthy prostate

and uterus.


"I love this oil so much, my skin has changed, looks smoother, and PMS is no longer. I seem to be more focused and calm."    Susan Murphy


"I Claim My Creative Power"

When Re-ah energy is activated it brings awareness of how joy or stress can impact our life. We learn to explore our creative power and direct its energy to where needed. When we get comfortable with joy, we start manifesting more of it into everyday life because the energy amplifies.

 A suggested affirmation to begin to work and take to take back your control and release fear is:


“I absolve, I release, I forgive all obstacles that stand between my potential and me.

I now open my heart to receive.”


You will recognize that words are not necessary but they are a tool that can be utilized to assist in directing your energy. Any affirmation that you utilize is best spoken three times.  Then

Then your body, your mind and your spirit can come into agreement with what you are saying and directing to stay in that joy!

Balanced Characteristics:

• Stimulates personal power
• Renews creative energy
• Allows us to recognize what brings us joy or anger to  our lives
• Releases the hold of fears engrained by beliefs of  parents and past experience
•Brings an awareness of the light and joy of an earthly experience and overcomes the illusion of death

• Moves you through past drama and trauma


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