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Siah Body Oil Nutrient

The urinary system’s primary concern is the conservation of water and maintaining a neutral acid-based balance in the fluids of the body. The system consists of two kidneys where blood is filtered and excess water and waste products are balanced. When this center is not fully filtering, kidney stones and bladder infection develops.


Siah Body Nutrient supports UTI, bladder, kidney, and spleen.



"I release the need for fear"

When Si-ah releases the power of the negative, it retains the pure energy of it within itself acting as a storehouse until the energy is needed.  When the physical body becomes endangered by imbalance or disease, Si-ah uses this energy as a warning system and begins to alert the senses.  Siah is the Essential that stimulates the sensation of something being not quite right.  Whether a feeling or a thought, Siah increases your awareness of it and starts the activation of the appropriate response.

​Balanced Characteristics:

• Filters negative thoughts and evaluates them for validity in     your life

• Renews mental clarity and wisdom
• Storehouse of abundant energy
• Clears residue of thoughts and emotions that no longer     honor us

• Releases fears
• Stimulates regeneration of the physical body

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