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Nimahn Body Oil Nutrient:

The digestive system is concerned with the breakdown, digestion, and absorption of food.  The liver, pancreas, and gallbladder are also glands associated with the digestive system.


When you have a hard time digesting what's around and about you, you can have physical imbalances to digestion as well. 


Apply Nimahn on the belly for upset stomach and easy digestion.

Children and animals respond to a drop of oil on the belly for calming results.  

"I accept that I am a unique being"


The first time a skier stands atop a new hillside there is a rush of excitement and anticipation. When a speaker or performer prepares to go on stage they often experience butterflies in their stomach.
What is this feeling?  This is where the energy of Nimahn resides.  When it is activated you may actually feel a physical sensation. 


It is one of the strongest Essentials in producing a physical sensation. Nimahn works as a warning system that a change of energy is about to occur. That sick feeling in the pit of your stomach or feeling of anticipation is telling you it's time to make a few changes.

The energy of  Nimahn helps you get excited about what the next chapter in life holds instead of fearing what might happen. 


 Balanced Characteristics:

•Releases the need for conformity
•Renews independence of spirit
•Opens the self to new social experiences
•Drives us to change our life where necessary
•Calls us to assess our role in life and our place

•Pushes you out of self-constructed boundaries and into the freedom of expression.

• Improves the trust of your gut instinct

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