Baylahr Body Oil Nutrient:


Peripheral Nervous System:

Natural Remedy

connects all the various parts of the body with the brain and spinal cord.  The peripheral nervous system also includes the visceral of an autonomic nervous system that is involved in our fight or flight responses. Cranial nerves of the head, the spinal nerves, the cervical nerves to the neck, the nerves to the upper limbs, the nerves to the lower limbs, and the nerves to the dermatomes and areas of the skin.




 "I Release My Limitations"


Baylarh contains the wisdom that each of us is given the same ability to become our full potentials.  No one is greater or lesser.  It allows us to know clearly that we are as deserving and capable as another. Therefore, we do not find ourselves in a constant state of comparison.  We do not judge ourselves or others based on choices. 


We recognize that our soul’s desire guides our choices and we learn to allow others to choose as is necessary for them. When your soul becomes suppressed you may find leg and back pain becomes more.

You may feel stuck or isolated and loneliness sets in. There are simple tools to bring you back to hope and centeredness. Read more about Baylahr Essential Body Nutrient and its benefits.

Balanced Characteristics:

• Lifts you from the limitations
• Renews freedom of the soul
• Creates empathy for others
• Develops understanding and compassion
• Allows us to feel good about who we are
• Enables a positive outlook in the midst of chaos



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