Holmahn Body Nutrient 


• Renews expression of love 
• Recognizes the reflection of love

• Brings forth action to challenge  injustice
• Forgives the self and others for clouded judgment and choices
• Recognizes positive potential 
• Guides actions and mental choices toward positive change

• Unconditional love based reactions


Works with releasing anger from the heart, to recognize every hurt someone spilled upon you can be transmuted.


When you move through your own wounds, you won't spill your hurts on to someone you love.  


Heart Chakra/Hol-mahn

" I open to the power of love"

2022 = 6

Loving Yourself and others - allowing divine synchronicities

The 6th Chakra Holmahn infuses into every corner of the Earth. Whether female or male, we all can love and nurture ourselves and others. We can feel joy at the success of ourselves and others.

We celebrate when a baby takes its first step or says the first word.