Tolmahr Body Oil Nutrient


Endocrine System: consists of glands that secrete hormones into the tissue fluids and blood that affects the function of multiple areas of the body. 


The system consists primarily of the pituitary, pineal, thyroid, parathyroid, thymus, adrenals, and pancreas.

Tol-mahr Oil recalibrates the thyroid,

hormonal imbalance, growth disorders, hot flashes and night sweats, hypo/hyperglycemia, stimulates libido and sexual drive, shapes clarity.


Use alone or blended with your physical and spiritual center specific functions you need.

Apply all over face, body and under the arms. 


"I celebrate my voice"

In our physical existence, there is nothing more powerful than words. Words can end relationships, friendships, begin wars, destroy confidence, and change lives forever.  They can also create lasting relationships, friendships, end wars, build self-esteem and good solid relationships. Positively change lives forever. When the


Essential Tolmahr is operating clearly, it awakens our ability to wisely and effectively choose our words and command balance of the energy of your chakra system.


Just as the endocrine system can call forth amazing power from the body, by its spiritual nature to receive. Tolmahr calls forth the power of the will and amplifies back to us in manifestation. 

Heart (Holmahn) Balanced is so important. You are manifesting your reality at this point and it will clear all other centers below the heart so you can operate from the higher self of you, or you will keep the chaos and wonder why nothing seems to work.


Intuition will grow stronger this year. Humanity will feel what is truth and authentic, old system not working for the good of our planet will fall away. Trust your intuition, it is your GPS.

Balanced Characteristics:

• Calls forth your will into positive choices

• Renews the power of your spoken word
• Awakens the ability to effectively communicate to others
• Brings about leadership intelligence
• Removes fear of speaking forth

• Recognizes the validity of others words

• You speak it into manifestation