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Calmahr Body Oil Nutrient
Respiratory System and Back of the Neck 
This system consists primarily of the nasal cavity, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi, bronchial tree, lungs, and diaphragm. Clears sinus passages, lightens pressure in the neck and skull.


Calmahr Oil is extremely effective when used in massage to open the flow of energy at the neck and shoulder area.



" I acknowledge a purpose for my life "

When we choose healthy, happy, and prosperous the world is a more inviting place. We can choose more quickly and appropriately and not spend long hours in confusion and doubt.


This will create access to the energy of Cal-mahr and act upon the inspirations that gently guide us toward our goals. This  is created when we activate the energy of Cal-mahr and act upon the inspirations that gently guide us toward our goals.


When we awaken to Cal-mahr’s existence it clears the obstacles of physical, mental, and emotional toxins that distance you from fully utilizing its wonderful vortex of energy. The neck and back connect the central and peripheral nervous system to become even stronger and more focused on ideas and inspiration.


Balanced Characteristics:


•  Allows us to see the larger picture for our life
•  Brings an active awareness of a higher consciousness
•  Recognizes which choices will allow us to bring our potential 

•  Awakens the ability to calm the mind and be receptive to the          gentle guidance of the spirit
•  Blends the power of Divine Law into our choices
•  Holds the clarity of inspiration safe from mental pollution




an art of self healing

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