Wandering Traveler
Vimahn Body Oil Nutrient 
Natural healing remedies to the

Muscular system:  also includes the cardiac muscle of the heart walls.  Arrhythmia, Muscular pain, cramping & spasms, fibromyalgia.


Vi-mahn Oil

Use daily until symptoms subside.


For clarity and intuition mix with your two energy centers.


"I recognize my clearest path" 


When you feel like your choice is leading you away from your goal, Vimahn is attempting to keep you focused on what you truly desire. This Essential contains the clarity of your actions and choices; how they integrate into your life. 


It is the gentle nudge that keeps you away from the should have, could have, and if only's.  It guides you in the choice of action that will clear the obstacles from your path. Vimahn oil assists in enhancing clarity with new direction and vision for energy balancing. 


Vimahn helps us to see, often through the actions of others, how every action affects the whole. We begin to recognize that indeed the whole is the sum of its parts. When we lose sight of how we fit into the greater scheme of life, Vimahn allows us to see how our choices produce reactions from others.


Spiritual Characteristics:

Maintains connection with your Divine Purpose

• Renews clarity of vision toward the greater good
• Sharpens intuitive intelligence
• Helps to manifest our dreams by maintaining focus
• Reveals the clearest path of action
• Recognizes the Divine purpose in all actions and choice


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