Rhonda Etherton 
Healing Arts and Education For optimal Wellbeing
We are asked to understand that all disease, chaos, confusion, pain, and healing begins within the spiritual nature and understanding of healthy Chakras. Twelve chakras are interconnected to the 12 systems of our being.
If the spirit is not healed and free to express itself, we cannot achieve optimal physical, mental, and emotional health.
When we connect the harmonic frequency within each energy center ( chakras ) with the frequency of inner peace, health, and expansion, peace of mind becomes a new normal free of limitation and disease.
Hallái 12 Essential Chakras is a lighthouse that guides a clear path to achieve an emotional, spiritual, and physical balance that can heal your light.
Amino acids and nutritional analysis are the foundations for optimal health changes.
 Balance in 12 energy centers integrates illumination for the transformation to begin.
Whether you seek clarity, optimal health, weight loss, or career changes, you will achieve it when you feel better.    
"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"    Yung Pueblo
Dr. Rhonda has been dedicated to empowering and educating on overall health and well-being through nature and the ancient healing arts.
She has been assisting clients for 30 years. She holds a Masters in Health Science and Metaphysics, Doctorate of Divinity.
Intuitive Health & Wellness Coach, Iridologist Reflexologist, Oriental Meridian Therapy, Theta Healing, Access Consciousness.
 Hallái 12 Body Essentials - natural energy medicine.
Divine Mind Access, a deeply relaxed state that accesses inner wisdom.
Co-author of:  Out of the Darkness And Into The Light.
          MedCrave-international is a peer-reviewed open access journal on the fields of science and technologies.  
Co-author of: Essentials of Being - A journey through the12 Energy Centers.
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Little-known facts: she thought she was going to be a marine biologist, walked across hot burning coals, loves to explore ancient archaeological sites, healing temples, castles, loves to dig in mines for stones & crystals, 


" I come for tune-ups, to decompress, and get my head straight when life gets overwhelming. I have no more anxiety because you taught me in high school how to clear if for myself. I so appreciate you being here, and  with my own family now, I use everything you taught me to keep my family healthy." D. Simpson

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