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Rhonda Etherton 
Health and Wellness, Personal Joy 

Rhonda has been a spiritual mentor, intuitive, and counselor for thirty years, helping you live in alignment with your True Self so you can create a more purposeful life. Learn the deeper meaning of your soul-driven physical and spiritual gifts through your energy chakra centers. Learn the simple hands-on tools to expand your health; gifts, talents, and joy often buried under the heart's layers.

• career change or expansion 

• personal development

• intuitive development

• essential nutrition for your body type

• restore past wounds from the heart

Consultations for Naturopathy, Nutrition, Essential Chakra Oils, and Bush Flower Remedies

Learn to follow your ultimate connection and trust your inner guidance for self-mastery. 

Living spiritual principles of health and wellbeing help you step into becoming the gifts, skills, and talents you have.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”   ― Anaïs Nin

Rhonda holds a Master in Health Science and Metaphysics, and a Doctorate of Divinity.
Intuitive Health & Wellness Coach, Aesthetician, Iridologist, Reflexologist, Oriental Meridian Therapy, Theta Healing, Access Consciousness, Divine Mind Access, Hallái Yoga Vinyasa teacher

Hallái 12 Body Essentials - energy medicine for the mind • body • spirit
Divine Mind Access is a deeply relaxed state of being to access higher knowledge & wisdom.
 Co-author of:  Out of the Darkness And Into The Light.
MedCrave-international peer-reviewed journal on the fields of science and technologies.  
Co-author of: Essentials of Being -
A journey through the 12 Energy Centers.
Available on Amazon 

Little-known facts: she thought she would be a marine biologist until fate changed her path, walked across hot burning coals, her fav to explore ancient sites, temples, and castles, loves to find mines for stones & crystals. 


"If you want to be clear to know what you know, Hal-lai gives you the tools to move through any barriers that complicate life. Clarity of choice is what you get."  

JM Kuppenheimer 

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