Holistic energy upgrades

 What if we could show you how to take the struggle out of having abundant health and find clarity?  You'll learn how to bring restoration to your mind and body and train your eyes to see through limitation into plenty and see-through sickness into health and absolutely know without a doubt what your Yes is to make comfortable new decisions. 

Ancient traditions have cleared blocked energy and stress the natural way so abundant energy called Qi can flow through the body without any harmful side effects. 
 For the past 30 years, Rhonda has been discovering, teaching, and sharing natural holistic choices for health, prevention and wellbeing.

Do you sometimes feel like you have it all, but something is still missing? 

What if you could step into your power with strong inspirations while you drop stress and gain clarity for the next horizon in your life?

 Discover powerful alignments of your 12 energy centers to keep you youthful and healthy.

 Masters in Health Science and a Doctorate of Divinity.
Certified in Aromatherapy, Iridology, Reflexology, Oriental Meridian Therapy, Theta Healing, and Access Consciousness.
 The developer of Hallái Bath and Body Nutrients to correspond with 12 energy centers and Divine Mind Access to gain more clarity.  
Co-author of:  Out of the Darkness And Into The Light.
          MedCrave-international is a peer-reviewed open access journal on the fields of science and technologies.  
Co-author of: Essentials of Being A journey through the 12 energy centers.
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Rhonda Etherton 

Little-known facts: she thought she was going to be an actress & marine biologist. Explores caves, castles, temples, and mountains. Dig for days and hours in clay for crystals in over 100 degrees, lived on boats for long periods, walked across burning coals, and explores new wineries wherever she goes.


"I can honestly say I don't remember feeling this light and happy.  I got so mental with everything I couldn't hear you. You said, don't worry when you clean up old energy you become balanced, and everything thing else regulates for you. Be patient. I had no idea what you were talking about then."    Melissa Lowell

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rhonda@hal-lai.com |  Tel: 502-558-7345

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