Awaken to Be Inspired

Greece is the perfect place to spend 9 transformational nights 


It is the Greek way of life to enjoy dinner, singing, and dancing to the sound of the bouzouki well into the night in celebration or just because.  You'll feel the sense of freedom and festivity as you re-ignite your passions and spirit of adventure. 


Embody the next horizon of your life through a combination of sacred spaces and wellness. Walking through quaint villages on cobblestone streets, you'll pass beautiful magenta Bougainvillea flowers at every turn and feel your thoughts and intuition expand as creative ideas flood your consciousness. 


You may be called as an entrepreneur, solopreneur, or spiritual seeker to dive deep within and awaken more of your creative gifts and talents.  

The philosophers of ancient Greece were among the most significant thinkers to ever grace humanity. 

As you retrace the footsteps of these visionaries through the Agora of Athens, the sanctuaries of Apollo and Athena at Delphi, and the healing temples of Epidaurus, you'll feel the imprint of ancient wisdom awaken your calling.

Feel your spirits soar as you immerse yourself in the turquoise seas, fragrant blossoms, majestic mountains, lush valleys, and foods fresh from the sea and fertile land. It's the end of a day and delight yourself sipping tea by the square in captivating conversations and ideas with an intimate group of like-minded souls. 

Into the Spirit of Greece Athens-Delphi-Nafplio
This trip will resume when it is safe to fly and enter countries with no extra hassle
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 Be Inspired-Discover The Aegean

If you're looking for an adventure, get ready for a unique experience of reaching new depths into ancient Greek treasures and legendary mythology. Experience a memorable journey to the Greek Isles with  Rhonda and Stephanos as your guide through the Peloponnese as you roam medieval streets. Immerse yourself in 10 days of beautiful mystical healing sites.


Join us for an adventure of the grand Aegean. You'll discover countless treasures of Greek life and discover the history and mysteries of a remarkable past.

We move well beyond where tourists visit into beautiful smaller villages of ancient Greece.   

We begin to create a new habit of honoring the body and listening to its guidance with meaningful impact as you go to bed each night knowing you’ve made a difference from "what is" into what else is possible.


You'll feel restored with new insights walking through Delphi and Apollo's Temple, ancient sites, and climbing the marble stairway to the Palamidi Fortress.


Delight in the ancient culture with your private archeological guide. Build new patterns of conscious awareness living via your personal journey.  



If you've been living in the same pattern for too long, you'll find irresistible new inspirations for your life, business, and relationships that will transform the way you live.  Walking through quaint villages on cobblestone streets, you'll pass beautiful magenta Bougainvillea flowers at every turn and feel your thoughts and intuition expand as creative ideas flo