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Create a Life in Balance
Want to create a lasting feeling of peace and wellbeing? Connect your inner gifts with 12 energy centers.

Healing Arts

We offer a variety of approaches to therapeutic healing and personal wellbeing through our many service offerings. Providing a unique blend of


Eastern and Western expertise, to fulfill Hallái's mission of practicing mindful awareness and bring new resolve and prevention in each consultation and service. Contact us to learn more about our services and body anyalasis for the right nutrition and best service for you .


Energy Centers

12 Energy Centers or Chakras hold

light frequencies to balance & rejuvenate the mind-body-spirit connection.

Each energy connects the life force and aligns the meridians and light force of the holistic programs within 

Your birth date reveals the unique blueprint of your biology and physiology of you.  It's the roadmap to your gifts, talents, and the body's strengths, foods, color, and balancing stones. Our services and products promote natural alignment.


Essential Oils

Our Essential Body Nutrients nourishes the Life Force of 12 centers to support balance and well-being to the mind-body connection. 


Our nutrients support Immune boosting organic essential plant botanicals oils. Each of the 12 nutrients corresponds to the 12 energy centers to support alignment and balance immune health for the mind-body-soul.

Life In Balance 2021

Within the heart of all creation, there is a pulse that Hallái integrates into your being. It opens you to the memory of unforgotten truth, and what you can achieve to reach your highest potential. The culmination of you comes through a simple understanding of your vibration and frequency. You are a conscious creator creating your life from within to create joy and magnificence on the planet.

What choices can you make to be the dynamic creative genius you really are? Are you ready for clarity to make clear decisions?  So let's move forward with confidence creating fulfillment and joy. If not now. when?

Life In Balance
Energy Centers/Chakras

You are born with twelve centers of light called energy centers or chakras. This is your personal divine blueprint and frequency. They activate and vibrate through our experiences providing frequencies that vibrate healthy vitality or an imbalance.

Two centers are dominated by your birth date for your physical and spiritual strengths and illuminate your special gifts and talents.

Life In Balance
Health, Wellness, and
Holistic Services

Balancing products and services energetically improves strength and overall well-being. We provide integrative and non-medical healthy regimes and analysis for prevention and correct nutrition,

Clarity improves when you harmonize the mind-body balance releasing disturbances in your energy field.




The peripheral nervous system connects all the various parts of the body with the brain and spinal cord which includes the viscera of an autonomic nervous system.


I've been going to Hallái for several years and have had excellent experiences. I love Rhonda and her healing energy and kindness are extraordinary.

—  Christy Tobin



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