Access Consciousness
Available 90-minute Sessions

Your choice can change anything. Are you ready to begin the journey of choice? Are you ready to actually live and be the question of what else is possible? Change your habits and release both physical and mental stress and anxiety stored within the body. Optimal brain coherence with intelligence, learning ability, alertness, and creativity helps remove anxiety • migraines • panic attacks • OCD •  PTSD • health and weight.

Energy Meridian Balance
Available  90-minute

Emotional and spiritual residue can become cleared and reset when Qi is flowing through the body. Overcome repetitive emotions and patterns which are negatively impacting your health, happiness, and wellbeing. Let us help you elevate your health and wellbeing momentum that keeps you living in perfect health in peaceful confidence.


Conscious Parenting / Conscious Kids 

Available in 1-hour sessions 
you are a good parent, but your teenager can't hear you?  If your teen experiences anxiety, stress or college & career uncertainty they often hear differently from someone else.  We show your teens how to have self-confidence in moving forward through uncertainty. They'll learn how to find a yes choice for their best outcome.


Divine Mind Access 

Available 90-minute 

Gain clarity and new perspectives lingering from past life trauma or unresolved issues.  Innate inner guidance received on core issues get resolved and cleared up.  We tap into inner guidance through hypnosis and deep Theta to unlock the subconscious mind for clarity.


Fall in love with your life Again

30 day-transformational Breakthrough

Do you feel like emotions keep you trapped in heartache? Does it feel hard to move forward because something is missing and you're not sure which next step to take? Embody your strength and learn how your inner guidance has been trying to get your attention. Learn how you can recover and get your confidence and joy back.

Self-healing health & wellness

Available as a 3, 6, 12 month-package 

Wanting to move forward but feel stuck in an old pattern? Do your health, happiness, and wellbeing feel compromised?  Learn how your personal and spiritual energy centers hold specific energies with your health and gifts and talents. 
Hallái's ancient spiritual system takes the guesswork out of what's the right for you. You will have step by step action guidance for getting the outcomes you want to succeed in life.
Intuitive Professional Leadership
Expand your visionary and intuitive skills. Learn how to tap into infinite intelligence and access your team with their skilled talents to fill the perfect position and outcomes for want you want to achieve.
Lymphatic Massage
1 hr or 1-1/2 for post-surgery
Cleaning the lymph system heals tissue safely and faster after any facial or body surgery. Ideal treatment after lymphatic detoxing to boosts the immune system.
Reflexology Package
Available in a package of 4
We can stimulate and reset over 72,000 nerve endings and clear blockages that improve circulation and clear congestion. Your feet are your best friend, so don't forget how valuable they are to the rest of your mind and body. 
Theta & Huna Healing
A path toward Self-realization is not always easy but it's worth it. It's a science that moves you from old patterns to conscious co-creating.
Meditation Classes  
We offer in-depth guidance as one to one or group sessions to enhance inspiration and powerful messages.  When we manage stresses, we receive clarity on the next steps to take to success. Join us for our regular fall and winter classes. Personal private sessions help you find the best tools and style for you.
Smiling Professional Woman
benefits of Meditation

A Quiet mind - Finds new solutions

 Join A Private or group meditation. 

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