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 Healing Art Services
Create balance - Life Style Changes, nutrition, for wellbeing.
Restore the mind & body naturally.
Access Consciousness 
Available 90-minute Sessions

Create a lasting feeling of peace and wellbeing naturally.  Release old habits, remove physical/mental stress and anxiety stored within the body. Invite your innovative ability, alertness, and creativity in your career and relationships with ease and clarity.


MicroCurrent FRequency

Enjoy and relax with natural micro-currents that give your face and body a chance to regenerate.. A dynamic yet gentle process to increase oxygen at the cellular level. Reduce tension and inflammation.


Energy Balance & Chakra Clearing

Available  90-minute

Re-energize your energy and balance the twelve chakra system.

Overcome repetitive emotions and patterns which cause imbalance to impact your health, happiness, and wellbeing. We help you balance and relax with herbal warm oils and smooth river stones. New rituals for a happy life in the privacy of your home.


Divine Mind Access 

Available 90-minute 

Gain clarity and new perspectives lingering on health, sadness, or core symptoms.  Guidance to break old patterns. Tap in through deep calm and relaxation to unlock the subconscious mind for answers.


Meridian Massage/aromatherapy/warm stones

Opens the life force through the body - supports energy flow and myofascial release. Cupping may also be used. 

Nutritional Analysis/pain Relief

Bio-energetic micro-currents support arthritic and joint function, acute pain, inflammation, migraines, fibromyalgia. Release painful joints, detox, and balance new building blocks that release inflammation.


Self-Care wellness programs

Available as a 3, 6, 9 month-package 

Want to move forward but feel stuck? Do your happiness and wellbeing feel compromised?  Learn what personal and spiritual energy chakra centers hold special intuitive talents. Hallái's healing system takes the guesswork out of what balances body-mind connection. Step by step guidance moves you into getting the outcomes you need.

Intuitive Development
Expand your visionary and intuitive skills. Learn how to tap into infinite intelligence and access your skilled talents to fill your life's perfect position and outcomes 
Energy / Meridian /Lymphatic Massage
1 hr or 1-1/2 for post-surgery
During your massage, problem areas will be stimulated to increase circulation and release toxic heat, stagnant energy, and lymph fluid.
An ideal treatment for healing and restoring an authentic alignment of body, mind, and spirit.
Reflexology & Packages
Available in a package of 4
Stimulate and reset over 72,000 nerve endings and clear blockages that improve circulation and clear congestion. Your feet are your best friend, so don't forget how valuable they are to the rest of your mind and body. 
Spiritual Coaching / Stress Management
A path of Self-realization. Moving into a higher state of creativity for inspiration and positive choices to thrive rather than survive.
Heal and improve mind-body balance. Individual and group sessions twice a month.
Essential Body Nutrients
Warm Stones & Essential Oil Therapy
Energy Alignment / Activation
What is a Bars Session?
Massage Stones
Couple Meditating

A Quiet mind - create new solutions

 Join A Private or group meditation. 

Holistic News Updates

Self Healing & Natural Remedies

There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy. 

                                    ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

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