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The Original Way 
 Spiritual  Healing

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You are most likely familiar with either the Western 7 Chakra System or the Eastern 8 Chakra System. 


Here we present the ancient 12 Chakra System revealing the illumination of how energy works within the mind-body-spirit to master your Mighty I Am Presence. 


Throughout the centuries, spiritual trauma lives through the thread in loss and genocide of spiritual enlightenment and sacred ceremony.  This information transcends many present teachings and calls you to an adventure of the spirit, based on the Atlantian, Aborigine, African, Druid, Essene, Greek, Hawaiian, and Hopi sacred teachings.  


Centuries ago, a few sought quick enlightenment utilizing energy flow through either 7 or 8 chakras (energy centers) to balance and manifest physical awareness of higher power. When the initiate reached the highest level of spiritual development, they began to study a level of energy that could manipulate the will of others. Therefore through this misuse, many found an unfortunate fate.

Discernment and Universal Law

Many enlightened civilizations and beings had to awaken their energy within, knowing full well that if misused, it would be governed by cosmic and divine law.  It remained hidden until a time a group whose covenant was to pioneer a new path for humanity to be ready for the Seventh Golden Age.


Why have the 7 and 8 Chakra systems become all we utilize?  Simple explanation;  Greed, Power, and Ego wanted control.  Those receiving teachings of the 12 chakras began to slip from their focus on creating a world of peace and balance and sought to increase their power with a disregard for the whole.  The will of self overcame the focus on the greater good.  The matriarch began to fall away from the power of the patriarch.  Long did the Matriarch hold power of the truths and share with those willing to utilize them for the growth of the whole.  Then came the force of ego and greed, and those truths were either stolen or bought with a promise that they would be utilized only for the good of the whole.  When deception entered, the higher spiritual teachings fell into the hands of those who turned their power toward only personal gain.  


Initiates revealed the sacred teachings, and the energy began to be utilized by those without discipline, training, or concern for consequences to the Earth and its inhabitants.  As men started to access the power previously held only by the priestesses who spent entire lifetimes learning, practicing, and acquiring self-discipline, they created from a desire for power.  As they could perform limited feats of directing energy, they used that ability to make those around them subservient to their will. 


As their newly found control over others increased, they began to require homage from those who had not discovered the secrets and began to murder or drive out those who held the teachings sacred.  Several teachers of this holy wisdom were deceived into believing that their service to the newly created leaders would protect the temples' sanctity and preserve their beliefs.  Many unholy alliances continued only as long as the leader benefited from them.  Once the usefulness was exhausted, the leader turned on the teacher.


One by one, in the majority of cultures, power was transferred.  More and more, those who felt they were not subject to Universal Law and had no knowledge of consequences began to use the flow of energy of the 12 Chakras as greed, ego, and power became the student's intent.  The teachings became more secret.  The veil between the worlds of initiate and master is put into place. 


No longer was the wisdom of the ages from the Universes available, and the sacred energy from Earth began to dissipate.  Men went into chaos, confusion, war, greed, and the pursuit of earthly power.  The teachings became hidden, and the egoic use of force created the Law of Karma to develop a level of responsibility for the misuse of energy obtained by deception.  In 1998 this knowledge was brought forth in time to assist the 2012 paradigm of a new cycle of enlightenment and the Golden Age.


Imagine a planet of highly conscious, self-aware people being a contribution to family, business, and the Earth for the sole purpose of being a light of new ideas and compassion for those ready to embrace a new era of enlightenment for 2020 and beyond.

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