2014 A year in speaking truth!

The energy of the twelve Essentials is much like the availability of the channels we take for granted on our televisions. As we begin to learn the different programming we can start the process of adjusting our reception until we produce the desired results. Once we clear up the interference we begin to enjoy the clarity of the picture and choose what we will bring into our life.

Each one has a specific frequency that it operates on and programming that is unique. Bringing the Essentials into balance is like adjusting the alignment of an antenna to ensure you receive the clearest and strongest signal. When the alignment is correct the signal is strong and the programming operates at its maximum potential.

2014 = 7 7th Energy Center Tol-mahr

Tol-mahr shows us the long-term effect of our choice of words and empowers us to think before we speak. It reveals to us when we are attempting to manipulate others and creates the awareness of the responsibility that it brings. If we choose words that are meant to intentionally hurt another then we are responsible for the pain it creates in their life.

Tol-mahr also is capable of eliminating the fear that prohibits us from speaking forth when we recognize injustice in our life. When we find ourselves in relationships or careers that become detrimental to our physical, emotional, or mental health, Tol-mahr drives us to speak up. It creates the use of words that will bring about the change of the situations to positive ones. Tol-mahr teaches us that words spoken in anger create angry responses and converts anger into positive action. It removes fear from our words so that fear does not grow and entrap us where we are not happy and healthy. It introduces us to Divine timing and allows us to see clearly where our words will most effectively bring about desired change.

If you went through issues of your heart last year, your spirit was calling you to clear your mind and enter into the realms of your heat. With a clear heart minus the rule of an ego, you will sail into Tol-mahr with the truth of your being and knowingness. You will be added unto for more direction of your Divine Purpose. A calling of your truth will rise up and speak forth.

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