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Clearing Therapy

Did you know your body is intelligent and sensitive to the company you keep and who you surround yourself with? Your 12 Meridians correspond with Hal-lai 12 Energy Centers (chakras) and 12 Essential Body Nutrients. They are working on your behalf to clear negativity and emotions that may not belong to you. We often take on others pain without realizing it and try to heal them. This network can be cleared with acupuncture, acupressure or by an excellant massage therapist or intuitive healer. Treat yourself well with positive and uplifting people who really care about you and encourage you and want what is best for you. Energetically you want this network open and Qi flowing with life force throughout your body so you can be clear, open and loving back to your Universe. Hol-mahn Essential Body Nutrient works with the heart chakra and Meridian.!hol-mahn/c1y8s

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