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2015 = 8 A year of Truth, Trust and Faith Inspiration that renews Cal-mahr

2015 holds a special energy! Energy you must trust in and rely on, the inner voice within. The energy that pulls truth from your heart if you will allow it and receive the gift, will take you beyond the limited information of your intellect. This year allow the light to lead you which clarity activated by the heart (Hol-mahn 6th Chakra).

Love creates the light to expand its intelligence from the heart not the mind. What does it mean to live from love and light? Light will dissolve limited information passed from generation to generation. It dissolves the past pain and fears. The light will re-educate you into your Brilliance and you begin to trust the IAM presence within. Cal-mahr Body Nutrient clears sinus, congestion and breathing issues concerning the lungs. Read more on the Cal-mahr page

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