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Vi-mahn Energy 2016 = 9 I recognize my clearest path

When you feel like your choice is leading you away from your goal, Vi-mahn is attempting to keep you focused on what you truly desire.

This Essential contains the clarity of your actions and choices; how they integrate into your life. It is the gentle nudge that keeps you away from the should have, I could have, and if onlys. It guides you in the choice of action that will clear the obstacles from your path.

We have great tendencies to make our lives more difficult than they need to be. Left to the guidance of our mental minds and emotions we continually create challenges in order to satisfy a sense of accomplishment. If we utilize the abilities of Vi-mahn, challenges become less frequent and opportunities to succeed become prevalent.

We can begin to recognize that some of our behaviors are the things about others that irritate us the most. Empowered with this wisdom through Vi- mahn we can then enter into necessary change. We stop trying to fix others and refocus on where we need to choose differently. 2016 can take the doubt out of what you feel and know so you may move forward with staff in hand becoming the brillance you are!

#9thChakra #Vimahn #intuition #muscular


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