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Go Green With Antioxidants


A molecule that inhibits oxidation of other iffy molecules is called an antioxidant. Nature provided exactly what our body needs to be healthy and safe with fruit and vegetables. Naturally Bok Choy is full of rich nutrients like:

Spinach antioxidant
  1. . calcium, iron

  2. magnesium, potassium

  3. C,

  4. K

  5. A

  6. Steamed with a little olive oil, lemon and sea salt has been a long term favorite of mine. This one makes for a good side with just about any meal all year long.

  1. Health Benefits of Spinach is like a punch of rich nutrients high in zinc, niacin, protein, fiber A, C, E K Iron Calcium, copper and manganese.

  2. This is good steamed the same way as Bok Choy or juiced with apples and beets. Taste like the earth but really so good you miss the taste after a couple of weeks of not juicing it with apples and beets. These dear antioxidants eat up the free radicals of cancer causing mutated cells. Be rich in health, eat well , juice well and eat other comfort foods with moderation. Always add raw and live daily to your diet and longevity will be your friend.

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