Choosing From Love

In the simplicity of love all is revealed. In the simplicity of wisdom the commitment of your spirit is unveiled. You can understand more of the power of clarity and opportunities. It comes in the whisperings of the heart. Not as defined by the mind of others but by a knowingness inside.

This is a time for choice. No more straddling the fence and hanging onto past battle wounds. 2012 marked the finale of old 3D energies. This opening of 12 fold frequencies energy has the mind trying to scrutinize and figure out these new stirrings. The memo didn't come by the mind, it came by way of the heart.

Open your heart dear loving child of the universe. This is the most important choice you will ever let yourself make, to open to the power of love and let it be your compass.

Free your heart and in so doing recognize the power, the power that has been hidden for so long. For you are served by those ancient truths. Let them be utilized by your choosing. For they will never fail you or leave you without assistance. You are served by all of creation, by the very heart of God and by the spirit of the Goddess. You are served and enter into a time of understanding and illumination upon your path.

Make a choice to commit yourself to that choice, trust the whisperings of your heart and fear will have no place to land within you. Trust to relearn, to reeducate and recommit to the power of your spirit. That master resides within you and illumines the true path and waits not for indecision.

Will you choose to be clear and allow doubt to be the past?

Read more of Ni-mahn 4th Chakra energy in April the 4th month!

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