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Knowingness And Trust

Would you say trust is an inner knowingness, a belief in what you know? Or is it confidence because you know you can do it? Whatever you want to call it, it is a choice. A lack of trust in your self would be confusion to me. "What's your soul telling you"? A big question I ask myself when I am not clear about anything. I finally learned to wait for clarity then act, and by not choosing in clarity I understood hardship.

Now fear that's a powerful choice to stay in. It never feels good to lend my light to its propagation. It only manifested more hardship in my world. Fear can only divert and distract and it never placed me in expansion or expression of what else is possible with love.

Most news in my opinion is the greatest distraction for enlightenment. It's mostly dense energy, destruction, and fear based stories. Election craziness - distraction, bashing others for the sake of proving a me point of view is low level awareness and not very enlightened.

For the last 26,000 years, a cycle of fear base and dominate low level behavior energy (according the the Mayan Mystics) keep mankind from evolving into the Masters we could be choosing. Like Compassionate Loving Master Creators creating a world in harmony!

We enter into new territory and a new cycle of another 26,000 years. Which shall you choose? Survival Being or Creator Being? Love or Fear base being?

A good time to contemplate this powerful Lions Gate before 8/8/16. What would you like to expand for your future?

The harmonic convergence in 1987 paved the way for this next cycle happing now.

Have we had enough? Will we collectively choose to move forward and open our hearts into love, harmony and peace for ourselves and the planet? What else could be possible to live in?

What a gift we've been given, called CHOICE!

#trustvisionintuition #trustknowingness #hallaihealing


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