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New light frequency 2016

Adjust into being more of you? So the whole of us must be in alignment with the heart? Yes indeed, and 2016 is the year of a nine and the ancient wisdom of what we call Vi-mahn. The planets and help assist with this incredible change. Vi-mahn is intuitive, a 9 energy center in the Hal-lai healing system. It's more feminine because of what you will be feeling. However men born to this center excel in their calling. It feels and allows you to see through the actions of others how every action effects the whole. Once the Earth and her creation has adjusted to light encoded frequency, you will become more balanced with the four bodies of you. Instead of charging ahead to get what you want, you will realize "Ohh perhaps some thought and integrity about my actions and how it will effect those around me could be my intention." Indeed and then see how the Universe opens the energy up to aid you and your endeavors.

August is 8 month associated with 8 energy called Cal-mahr. This is the spot at the back of your neck and shoulders that gets activated for clarity, inspirations and having trust and belief in what comes to you. How about new ideas? Ever put that cool idea off only to show up somewhere else? Cal-mahr alerts us to our higher wisdom and inspirations that come. When this is off balance, shoulders get hunched and move forward. You feel and look like you are carry a yoke with pails of water. Be bold, be conscious and learn more of how you can expand. Go here to view the centers and the gifts and talent you were born with My Energy Centers

A belief we may think could just be fortuitous. Conscious awareness knows it has possibilities!

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