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999 Gateway Leap into Clarity!

Hal-lai Vimahn Energy Center

Living in the year of the 9 is an awareness awakening in your DNA codes. 2016 is a ninth energy portal called Vi-mahn. Vi-mahn an energy vortex or 9th chakra located between the eyes. This year 2016=9 has been attempting to keep you focused on your clearest path of what you truly desire and came to contribute. This contains the clarity of your actions and choices to live from your highest state of awareness. You are multidimensional beings operating from a newly \ activated pineal gland. This gives sight to recognize your clearest path without doubt. No longer questioning yourself or trying to fix another. Change is calling you to become intuitive intelligence with drive and purpose.

Recognizing mental guidance vs intuitive guidance, become aware from which energy you create.

There are no 1 2 3 steps for intuitive guidance. Guidance from deep within becomes your new calling. It's called knowingness. This knowingness is yours alone. It's the heart of all of creation bringing guidance when you stop and master mind chatter. Listening within the deepest part of your heart will guide you to your truth.

Relax and give yourself 5 mins to open your divinity codes and receive the guidance from your higher self! Just ask and be still and it is so. This is a beautiful and powerful time to connect to the pineal gland and follow the guidance from your heart. The mind can and will lead you into distractions. Slow down and spend time outdoors in nature and listen to the Earth and her gifts by staying connected. Nature and the heavens are always waiting to assist and guide you to your highest calling.

Vi-mahn Energy

Happy Trails And Clear New Understandings! Learn more in Essentials Of Being

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