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September Fall Equinox Brings Insight

Full Moon Equinox Sept 2016

Workers of the light, you have called and we have come.

As clearing and strength move

through you now, know that you are being assisted. Your heart becomes anointed, your spirit becomes renewed. New seeds of light are given unto you to nurture and give life unto. Until you are ready to allow fear to fall away, those seeds remain dormant deep within you. Don't turn your back upon them during this time of harvest. If you allow the mallet to lay upon ground the peg shall never be driven. If you do not pick up the board the dwelling shall never be complete. So in doing you construct a beautiful tomorrow. Let yourself not become a part of the shadow of confusion, deceit and untruth. Master the power of distraction, fear, chaos and judgement when it comes knocking at your door. Become aware of these great distractions to your being. The wisdom of the fall Equinox accelerates the heart of all of creation within you. This becomes a powerful time to become consciously and spiritually aware of your higher energetic self to lead you forward with love, joy and wisdom of your spirit.

Rise up and let yourself become part of the change. Utilize the sword of light and love as it is passed to Archangel Michael, the governor of The Fall Equinox.

For this is a time to cut the chains that bind you and all that no longer honors you.

Great change of light is being offered to your being. New Templates of divine light rooted in christ and ascended master consciousness recalibrate your energy centers to bring about healing as a whole balanced being.

The universe is altering to meet the challenge of this time. Everything is being held to a higher vibration and level of responsibility. Everyone is being challenged to reveal if there is a stamina of spirit within you. This occurs to offer the opportunity to change, awaken and remember who and what you are. The results of how we love and relate to ourselves and all of creation must be changed or we will not achieve inner or outer peace.

The 12 Chakra System, healed, illumined and balanced allows you to find, express and share the peace and love that you truly are at the very core of existence. It peels away the layers of self indulgent deception to reveal your true self.

The voice of change speaks unto you and you do not answer. The power of love speaks unto you and you utilize it as a weapon unto another. You can speak forth light and yet you will annihilate its growth. We say unto you:

• Let your word be your bond,

• Let your light be your power

• Let your heart be your guide,

• Let your truth be your foundation, unshaken built upon a rock.

No longer can you walk in shifting sand for it will begin to devour you and your foundation will be shaken. If you choose not to walk in love, light, wisdom and integrity, you shall feel like a fly caught in a web. It will take great effort to come forth once again in this energy of change.

You enter into the energy of Hal-rai (10th energy center in October).

It will require the recommitment of the power of your spirit. Let the energy fill your mind and the energy to come forth from your hands. Fear is a powerful choice and it feeds off many. Do not let your light feed off its propagation. Be centered and not let fear, doubt or anger become you.

Allow yourself to be expanded and reach up and join this change of the seasons. Pick up your staff of light! Will you commit the whole of your being to new possibilities?

Will you be a director of great color with the purity of your spirit?

Then celebrate this Fall.

Allow yourself to be fully illumined in the light of change and love. Nurture your garden and not let another cast seeds of doubt into your soil without your awareness.

Be fully present and nurture your growth. Awaken and allow your light be your guide!

Blessings, Council of Golden Light

Watch National Geographic Equinoxes

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