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I Recommit To The Power Of Self

Hal-rai 10th Energy Center

I couldn't even say this phrase. I heard it and wrote it a thousand times and would cringe as it reverberated back through me.

"I re-commit to the power of self " It wouldn't register with tingly sensations. It sounded selfish and narcissistic. It took years to have a wake up call and perceive this through a different set of eyes. I am a Hal-rai Energy Center. This is our lesson as a number 10 which becomes a one in numerology. We pioneer new territory or we live in mediocrity. Life lead me to follow intuition. When I didn't follow my intuition I soon learned about troubled waters and I knew it. Finally learning that was no fun ride to the park.

Growing up the oldest I became a mother to my siblings. Their protector, savior and advisor. I learned to follow intuition early for my guidance. I just knew how to handle crisis or whatever game my way good or not so good. My mother use to say "You remind me of an old woman in a little baby body." I know she didn't realize the scary impact that had on me, but it taught me to be quiet, observe and not tell everything I knew. Hal-rai is learned by our surroundings and circumstances. 10 month 10th Energy 2017 = 10. A 10 year in Hal- rai for the whole planet! This will be enlightening!

Energy called Hal-rai

• Reclaims self mastery • Renews commitment of spirit • Clarifies what you desire • Keeps you on track toward goals and dreams • Defines the path of God into personal choice • Integrates wisdom untainted by ego into your actions

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