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Benefits Of Receiving

Updated: Sep 12, 2019


When was the last time you allowed yourself to be in touch with what you're feeling, like what's not working any more? Do I need to take a me break? How about receiving beauty, the calm and peace of mind from your now moment or putting yourself back on the beach when it's 30 degrees out side?

You have the ability to capture that moment in your bed or living room. Recall the smell of the sand and beach air. Feel the wind and the freedom of how your skin and face feels when taking in the all the elements from your favorite place in your mind. You can place yourself right there again and feel

the amazing experience all over again.

Hal-mard captures 11th Energy Center in the Hal-lai Healing System. It begins to open the door to Divine inspirations, revealing the unity of spirit in all aspects of creation. With November being the 11 month it calibrated with Hal-mard, the 11 energy center of the body.

Ruled by the central nervous system it will allow a new receiving if you're ready. An allowing of new ideas that bring inspired glimpses into your soul's purpose.


• Opens the door to Divine inspiration • Renews life-changing ability • Key to mastery of soul’s purpose • Allows you to recognize your soul’s purpose in daily life • Reveals the unity of spirit of all aspects of creation • Discloses how all of creation will contribute to your choices that bring about positive change • Allows the actions to become focused”

Excerpt From: Rhonda Etherton. “The Essentials of Being.”

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