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Self Mastery And The Game Of Life

The foundation of the energy that this age will be based in is the energy of Healing and Truth. The healing of all creation and the clearest and highest truth. Truth has begun its consumption of falsity even through the exposing of those we place in power over us and those we trust to produce food and other products for consumption. The energy of a 10 called Hal-rai in the Hal-lai healing system will call you forth to understand its wisdom when you claim it. Ei-ah is the energy that solidly grounds the spirit of you in truth through the body so you can connect with all of creation. You will renew personal balance and harmony and the power to re-create your reality.

When you come to this point you become an unmovable and unshakable force upon the earth. Already we see the Harmonic Convergence children born in 1987 are adaptable and less fearful than their parents. That means they use their gifts and talents that take them forward with new energy and new ideas. They thrive and adapt to the shifts and changes. Depression appears in them when they can't seem to fix a parents attitude of limitations and fixed points of view. They are the game changers of life to be adaptable to change Observe and learn from your children for they already know what took you a lifetime to know.

Ei-ahn is an awareness of your physical body and how it appears, in balance or an imbalance. It is an awareness of how you interact with your physical surroundings and utilize your spiritual beliefs. You must be in harmony with the earth and your physical reality to be able to synthesize your spiritual beliefs. This brings about harmony and blending.

Meditation is a blending of physical and spiritual awareness. For in your physical existence you are aware of your need for spiritual interaction. It is imperative in slowing down your physical activity so that your spirit has time to grow. Meditation is an essential part of all precepts. It releases mind chatter so you can hear the wisdom of your spirit. How can you center energy and learn to work with it when you do not practice quiet? Stop mind chatter and worry is the first step to master the game of life. You will learn to wield the very essence of what is inside of you that is ready to come out. New ideas, inventions, a story to tell, a new song to write, a new movie to produce or a better way to create change in a place that desperately needs new direction.

This foundation will shake up the companies that are not in integrity.

Hal-rai is the bridge that enables you to touch into that wisdom. It moves through your senses to awaken you to Hal-rai’s existence and clears the obstacles of physical, mental, and emotional toxins that distance you from fully utilizing its energy. 2017=10

Learn more about Hal-rai energy in the Hal-lai healing system.

Check below if you are governed personally or spiritually in 2017. The whole planet must move through the year of 10.

Hal-rai Essential Oils

Hal-rai Energy

Essentials Of Being

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