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Siah Body Nutrient

We spend our lives trying to understand a cause and find the solution instead of seeking truth. Why? Why not seek the truth of the I am a victim stuck in my belief that I didn't know how to resolve it. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone help resolve the emotion behind the imbalance rather than mask the issue with a pill?

SIAH is the precept to empower harmony and balance within our own lives and cease to empower disease and imbalance. We often create disease to stop hurting mentally and emotionally to find peace and joy. If the part of our understanding which allows disease within us, or creates ways for it to manifest directs our will, then we utilize that disease as our way out. We don't see these imbalances and diseases as creations of our fears and error thinking.

A truth lies at the true structure of all disease and the discovery of that truth will speed the development of its cure. The awareness and learning of oneness as opposed to separateness, will assist in alleviating the need for diseases such as Aids, leprosy, smallpox, sickle cell anemia and other race or group manifestations.

SIAH Body Nutrient is an energy medicine that assist in moving stuck emotional energy once and for all. SIAH benefits of balanced characteristics:

• Filters negative thoughts and evaluates them for validity in your life • Renews mental clarity and wisdom • Storehouse of abundant energy • Clears residue of thoughts and emotions that no longer honor us • Releases fears

• Stimulates regeneration of the physical body • Assists in revealing the source of physical imbalance • Eliminates the control of the emotions over our choices • Allows choices to be made in clear thought

Excerpt From: Rhonda Etherton. “The Essentials of Being"

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