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How can we trust a path unfolding?

trust in the open road that unfolds ahead

Often we feel we have freed ourselves from the poison of bigotry when we no longer act superior to another. 5th Chakra Baylahr releases the limitations we collect from others limited points of view, yet Calmahr 8th chakra (energy of August )inspires us to have trust and faith on our path when we don't even know what's around the corner. Seldom are we aware that the person we feel the most sympathy for, since they are not like us, is the very same person that we have the most to learn and gain from.

Let's just take the Syrian crisis. What a path of unfoldment in uncertainty!

How can you really know what it's like to live in limitation unless you've been bombed, lived in a camp, lost family members and cut across the Aegean in a rubber raft? All for freedom and a chance to live and escape having a gun in your hands to kill people you grew up with.

In June of 2015 I was approached by two Syrian teens 17 and 18 on a boat full of other teens, men, women and children leaving Mytillini to Athens. They wanted to know if I could understand their English and excited that I did.

They were not miserable nor asked for money, they were elated to be alive.

Having three boys of my own, I could sense the uncertainty, some fears and hope within the boys as we talked, cried and laughed about a story of leaving home and going as far as luck could get them. Gratitude to be alive and hopefulness was the testimony to keep going rather than dwell on leaving the only family and life they knew behind. They were wearing freedom and peace on their faces. Pretty calm as I remember trying to get to Germany.

We shared stories of hope and possibilities of a future as the the sea glistened into the balmy starry night.

I had related my own story of dubiety leaving home at 17. I took off to explore the other side of the bushes. Some how $300 in my Volkswagen from Louisville to Lauderdale wasn't quiet the same feeling as having to flee my country in a rubber raft for my life.

I did share how I trusted and followed my guidance and a dream I had to leave. Though I felt lead to trust and surrender to an unknown path that seemed magnificent. Just as the boys surrendered, we all agreed it made us trust even more. They prayed as they came across the night waters in a rubber raft knowing the women with babies trusted them to make it safely.

We prayed together for guidance and direction. Tears came from us all as the boys shared how their mothers and fathers told them to go and get out of there. What was ahead of them was hope. Staying behind in fear would be death anyway. They couldn't understand their country or leaders and how crazy all of it was for more money. I didn't really understand the true nature of what was going on until I asked the question and got a Syrian prospective.

It requires a spiritual repositioning of our intent and compassion for ourselves and others in a world ruled by many men with greed in their soul.

Must we come to a realization of the balance and blending of earth and our connectedness to the planet and to each other? We are our brothers keeper I have always been told. What part are we playing in this bizarre state of events to our brothers and sisters across the waters? Is it just those people? Or are we a collective group of beings that play out choices of integrity when we are given an opportunity.

Baylahr teaches us to release limitations placed on ourselves or others have placed upon us. Calmahr teaches us to have trust and faith in the unknown and inner guidance.

The beauty of a life experience moves us along with infinite choice of possibilities in following guidance with hope and trust. I pray Syrians

continue a journey that will bring fulfillment and happiness and compassion and love can rule a new outcome of so many solutions that face us all.

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