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"What is your vibrational language"?

Women in self reflection and thought about life.

Giving attention to your complications or worry in what someone did to you can keep you in a revolving door of old patterns for years. Our words speak life into existence.

'I love my new job.' 'I love that everything is always working out for me.' These statements send support into your existence rather than doubts, fear or worry. This builds new energy around the very life you are creating in the brain from the rejections of you. Demand the change. 'What else is possible?' What are you willing to choose and change?

How would you like to become a receiver of this new supportive energy? First, you must shift the language you have been speaking into your life and take a new action.

What if giving 5 minutes to you each morning on positive affirmations and visualization of what you want instead of the mind chatter of what you don't want. Start with focus on the sound of birds and your appreciation of the bed and pillow you just woke up from.

Wellbeing shows up and worry dissipates when reflection becomes a daily practice. Many studies show the importance of reflection or mediation for just a few minutes a day to keep the monkey brain of self sabotage away. A positive affirming statement is :

'I AM a limitless creator and I now break free from self-imposed limited beliefs.' Spend a few more moments spiritually connecting and ask what else you need to bring for a new desire into your reality. Now take the time to listen and give your self the support to appreciate and give attention to the answers coming into your thoughts.

Trust in your feelings because they want you to hear valuable answers available for you to move forward in a greater way.

If you feel stuck and can't move forward-consider having your Bars run. The Bars is a gentle body process that release mind-chatter and judgements so you and your body can start receiving expansion that creates genius, joy and calm within you! I have been amazed over the years of what takes place with my clients by adding the Bars to a body session.

You are far greater than you give yourself credit for. There are new tools available that bring the genius out of you and expand the light in your reality!

Please leave a comment below of changes you received after having your Bars run.

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• Watch Neuroscience at work with Dr. Jeffery Fannin explain the Bars

Access Bars Session

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