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What Ifs to Benevolent Outcomes

Baby and mother smiling

The days leading up to my contractions and overwhelming feelings of the 'what ifs' were paralyzing.

What if something happens and this little soul can't take the pressure. I have some rare circumstance and bleed out with

complications. Both of us die right here in this room. Are these trapped

memories triggered by past sufferings or just the mind playing with the fear card to stalk me?

When I decided to surrender those fears and asked the Creator of the Universe to release me from old fear or memories holding me in a panic, then a tranquil strength sweep through me. It was as if God breathed into my heart and from that moment on I knew whatever came next would be fine with me. In a blink of an eye he was born with a push. We both did just fine.

From that day on I wanted my life to unfold in a positive way. I learned it by the power of belief of the mind. Our thoughts are powerful and if I remained in fear could I create complications for us both? After that day I walked out of the possibility of disaster and turned that into positive outcomes. After all I already read PSYCHO-CYBERNETICS BY MAXWELL MALTZ in high school, Ernest Holmes-Secrets of Belief, Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill on the power of the mind. So why in the world did horrible thoughts begin to grow? I had not become the Master of what I read. That's why all experiences that come to us help our souls growth.

Infinite intelligence flows through us every moment and we get triggered by unresolved events in our lives from past lives. My mother use to tell me not to talk about those things. They were never encouraged, I just had a great imagination. No I didn't, I saw things, I knew things and somebody dropped me off at the wrong family and I was leaving. (lol)

The night before I was to run away (7 or 8 years old) a calm beautiful Gold Being came and talked with me at my bedside. He explained many things I don't recall but what I did remember was this: 'Ok then I'll stay, but this time I want to see my children grow up.'

These words rang through my ears during my contractions when I decided to surrender to what happened next. Since then I was blessed with three beautiful boys and a granddaughter.

The thought of doom never entered my mind again. I had released the need for fear!

When I realized how our thoughts produce an energy from the inside out into the world, amazing conversations and readings about quantum physics came all around me. If we are curious about something, our energy field or subconscious goes out like waves of light and it will start presenting the people, articles, books or conversations to remind us.

Experiences awaken what powerful thoughts and intentions really are. So I would pray or affirm the most benevolent outcome for people, projects or myself for that intention. Sometimes a year or longer would pass but I found myself in the situation better than I could have imagined it. This is when life becomes a really fun adventure and we know we are creating it.

Hal-lai 12 energy centers play a special part when we are ready for their activation and alignment in the next step of infinite possibilities to expand light. If we have the question, the answer or the teacher will appear. It's our time to claim it and heal the light within us!

Each 12 centers hold beautiful sparks of our divinity and remembrance to that light. We create a bubble of possibilities and choice according to the way we think. The wisdom of our soul is always healthy, happy and prosperous. When we are ready, tell the Ego - I feel a new rhythm wanting to expand within me. A rhythm of infinite intelligence ready for harmony and the most benevolent outcomes for each and every day of my life.

Sounding your personal energy centers keep harmony with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body as well. It's a field of energy that expands around us in marvelous and magical ways for benevolent outcomes without any fear.

Be Bold - Conscious and Divine. The best version of yourself is ready to fly!

Find your personal energy centers here:

Essentials Of Being: Journey through 12 energy centers

Maxwell Maltz:

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