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2018 Year of New Possibilities

Isn’t it pleasurable to embrace the joy of unlimited ideas and drop the lies that suck you into a black pit of fear and worry? Finally, the time has come to end the 26,000 year cycle of shadows rule of control and dominance. Now shadow fearfully scrambles to regain control and outcome. It’s time to jump ship and head over to the soul train if you are going to survive the new energy of the WE and what is good for the whole.

Hal-mard is the energy of the 11th chakra in the Hal-lai Healing System. The Hal-mard energy vortex is located six inches above your head and was dormant until the consciousness of our planet reached a point of embracing unity and new ideas that support us and the planet. Hal-mard recently became available for us to use because we expanded our consciousness a few notches. This is the year of Halmard becomes a beacon of light keeping you focused on your path. The year 2018 = 11 and 11 = Hal-mard!

Start your year with balance and drop whatever happened in your past! Think outside your old box and embrace the new possibilities that are now available to us. Remember to keep your neck and shoulders clear of knots so the nervous system can flow clean and clear energy and gather the inspired ideas waiting to take up residence within your phenomenal self!

Discover the gifts of energy you were born with in the Hal-lai Healing System?

Read more about Hal-mard Support

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