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Meditation Sharpens Intuition


It was a bright sunny day in the 60's. I was carefully bouncing and syncing my ball to "A my name is Alice throwing a leg over the ball - my husband's name is Albert, we live in Alabama and we sell apples." I felt like I could do anything when I made it to Z without losing the momentum on the words or bounce.

Below is the new condensed meditation video that will run more smoothly.

It just so happened amazing scenes unfolded before me in the most simple tasks.

Everyone told me

"She has a good imagination."

So that's what I believed and writings for the next school years came from my good imagination.

In my teen and adult years better understanding came as I made major life decisions from visions on the carport bouncing that ball. I found the most simple places like a walking, cooking or sitting still gave me the most benevolent inspirations for anything I wondered about! That's why I am passionate to share 3 simple tools with you so you can get your insights and have "aww haa" moments of truth.

Over the years clients called back to say hi, checking in and telling their interesting stories with these simple tools that helped them move forward and trust intuition. Part II 3 Ways to Sharpen Intuition

1. Be Quiet and Create your Day

We can be in a world of information overload and some stuff just isn't the truth. Whether you journal or meditate, walk or garden you are getting in touch with answers and truth from your inner-net. Once you know you, you trust your gut feelings and more comes to you loud and clear. The internet is a collection of data, your inner-net is a collection of knowingness and truth.

2. Set a Daily Intention

Start with 10-30 mins and let your mind chatter play out. Your intention is to follow your breath and breathe. Say the two energy centers you were born with and let them expand and feel light. Now just breathe and appreciate your bed or chair and space. See yourself having a good day with ease and joy handling each situation smoothly. Visualize your co-workers happy even Ms. or Mr. cranky pants in your house or office.

3. Let Your Mind Soften

After a good visualization, ask for a solution or the most benevolent outcome to something going on in your world. Meditation or Quiet Reflection helps you get out of ego and the doing and into receiving. You learn to get comfortable with allowing and receiving and honoring what comes to you. Write it down and let the rest unfold. I can be at a stop light and get insight and understand what showed up for me to get. I offer classes and have free meditations

available on my website.

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