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Spiritual Fulfillment Grounded in New Beginnings

Cobblestone Walkway

Something about well dressed streets from centuries old cobblestone gives this Southern Kentucky girl a reverence for those who walked before me and the stories they tell! When you're a feeler and intuitive you don't always pick up a nice story, however over the years I learned not to be shackled to other peoples perception of a story.

I walk in my own story and honor the story of others.

"I hold my own sovereign self in my time, space dimension of this reality based in love, compassion and adventure to my truth."

Earth is alive with valuable information uniting, providing beauty and sharing in

ways to create more beauty in our living space.

Imagine her providing space to dump our plastic bottles and poison toxic chemicals she never created. How can we live in beauty and harmony with reverence?

Take Time and Listen To Her Calling

My favorite time is wee hours in the morning wherever I am. I go outside and listen 10-15 mins for the information of the day. This is my sweet spot for a magical day!

Love to hear how you create yours. Please let me know if I can share it in my next newsletter.


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