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Sanctuary of Asklepios and Plant Medicine

Plants have held sacred union of medical miracles for people from many Millenia. There is an intelligent eco system with natural medicine I learned from my Grandpa as a young girl. From barn to the field he would deliver foals to calves with plant remedies. If I had a cough I can remember him pulling leaves off of a plant for me to chew and spit it out. My wheezing from barns and hay would go away. Following him I learned any poison plant had an antidote living within 50 feet of it. Jewel Weed is a plant especially vivid in my memory because Poison Ivy loved me each summer.

Sanctuary of Asklipious in Greece

A real elation happened in College after reading Claudius Galen. Claudius was born in Pergamum (Turkey) of Greek parents. He studied in Greece, in Alexandria and other parts of Asia Minor. He is one of many reasons I have a curious affinity for Greek culture and history. When he returned home, he become chief physician to the gladiators in Pergamum. Asclepius, the God of medicine and healing, appeared to his father when Claudius was 15 and informed him to let his son study medicine. Claudius started his studies at 17 at the same age I began to read about him. He was also a physician to the gladiators and never lost a patient during his practice with them. One can only assume he kept them alive and strong to continue in battle. So the curious, “Woo Woo” side of me was compelled to go and stand where he stood and practiced. At the Sanctuary of Asklepios of Epidaurus, it was a real treat to walk in the same paths of the wise and the seekers for health. I was impressed and started to read his contributions to medicine and used his plant oils on me, my children, and pets whenever needed. My studies further took me into herbology from a Native American Elder and later formulas came to me for natural remedies that became the 12 Hallái Body Nutrients. Each formula assisting our internal network to detox a space or yield healthy vibrant energy.

Ancient Theater on Milos, Tirupati

On this rocky slope, a beautiful lookout from the ancient town of Klima to the Aegean Sea and near some of the earliest Christian catacombs, stands the ancient theater in Milos, Greece. It was built by Greeks for their plays and music until Romans took over and used it for the gladiator games. Standing in this arena during a special surprise visit in June I wondered if Galen served as physician here when the Romans took over the area. Have you wondered why Kings and Queens were buried with jars and jars of plant oils beside them?...or about the Roman Army’s practice of bathing in plant oils before going into war so that they would not contract any form of disease or illness in case foreigners’ blood was splattered on them in battle.

History provides insights into the wisdom of the art of medicinal plant oils. These are marked by their divinity and worthy of respect. The plant kingdom is so wise that it provides an antidote for your body that grows in your yard unless you kill it. I've observed for many years the woods behind a person’s manicured lawn will grow supportive plants for that person’s imbalance. Here at the Sanctuary of Asklepios was a special pilgrimage in 2017 to walk the ruins and paths of long forgotten healing rituals and, of course, revered Greek sports.

Jeruselum Artichokes  in Cherokee Park

"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration." Nikola Tesla

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