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11 11 11 A Universal Language and Soul Mastery

A dove in the clouds

1:11, 3:33, 10:10, 4:44. How many times over the years have these numbers shown up for you? Numbers are a language from the Universe in which all things operate. It's physics. They hold vibrational meaning for the Physicist.

Today we finally move forward into a new doorway of

illumination and new possibilities on November 11 2018. A new paradigm of hope, love and blessings in forward intent and movement. For all the old souls who have been through pain and suffering, this is your moment to surrender any old pain and old habits. The Universe has your back through the intention you think about and surrender to. Over the years we have seen the double numbers in the car, when you wake in the wee hours of the morning, or on the cell phone. What did it mean? Illumination was on it's way so don't give up old soul, you are in sync. Your time for lighter and easier days ahead have finally arrived. When you think of a new solution it comes faster. When you need money, it comes faster, you need healing alignment, it comes faster. We are too often the ones healing everyone else, bringing points of view to calm and sooth family and friends so they can heal their heart or soul. Giving empowerment to others is a gift, but now the universe opens a new energy that will give back to you and the healing of your soul for all the years of dedication to the cause.

The numbers started to not be so prevalent in the last week and it made me wonder.

I could feel being filled up with more energy, feeling lighter and stronger. Much has been smooth sailing as I surrendered each moment and I qualified my days with good intent. Then a female Cooper Hawk showed up sitting outside my office the day before 11 11 11. She watched and sat for 40 minutes, I thought it most unusual on a fence in a parking lot

at my office window. She is a spiritual messenger bringing a message and more than I can wrap my head around right now.

We are all blessed in many ways so we can continue to give to others and not feel depleted in our efforts to comfort.

Become more consciously aware of everything that enters your life. Don't go into judgment about anything - become the observer and find it interesting without a point of view. Just observing life and the people around you. Love everyone just as they are and look for the beauty in what they are going through. A new paradigm of support is with us, an energy that is unfamiliar to us. Be with it and feel it navigate through your life.

Change is here to stay so let's accept this gift and it will move and support us in our true heart efforts for the planet and her people.

#1111 #soulmastery #HalláiHealing


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