The Change In 2019

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Are you asking for a change in the New Year or do you love everything happening with your life? Within the heart of all of creation, there is a pulse that continues to beat in rhythm, harmony and balance. Hallái integrates into your very being the awareness of Source Energy and shows you how to keep in step with change that is inevitable.

Hallái is the threshold you must come to in order to begin to fully understand why life exists and why you are living in it.

This wisdom that is accessible through the energy of Hallái, gives you the tools needed in life. Spiritual tools can give you an awareness of why something is no longer working.

Perhaps it was great 20 years ago but the same status quo is no longer working, it feels heavy and not as aligned with your spirit as it once was. Change can be frustrating and scary, yet it is always forcing us to look at new possibilities. The energy Hallái, activates in communion with the past, present and future bringing it fully into the moment. It's the Christmas Carol of your life! When we fully awake to every action we take and why, we fully recognize the effect of personal decisions on the whole of creation.

Let's just take for a moment the decision we made about producing plastic and the effects it now has on our ecosystem. Even though I have been recycling glass, plastic and paper for over two decades, I had no idea it's being shipped to China. I was thinking my efforts were helping, but are they? I believe and feel that 2019 is going to have amazingly new solutions and new ideas for all of us. How can we be a contribution? We will have a higher energy integrating for the next 12 months within us. You bet there is going to be change in 2019 because this energy requires the integrity of every move we make on a personal and global level.

Hallái is an ancient name also known as the Stellar Gateway.

This is the 12th Energy Center in the Hallái Healing System. 2019 = 12.

It is our ulitmate connection to Divine Source and how it awakens the original and ancient connections, the wisdom of your body, through the stimulation of the neuro-network by the pineal and the pituitary glands.

Join me Monday January 7th, 7:00 pm on Zoom.

How will Hallái Energy unfold in your life in the coming year? How can we use this powerful energy to create positive change and new solutions in our lives and be a contribution with our own contributions?

Awakening your Divine Energy System:


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