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Journey Of Self Empowerment 2019 Energy Brings Big T Truths

Self-empowerment could be a little frightening if you refuse to know the truth about what you are choosing or refusing to choose. It's not about what's right or wrong or even what you observe in others. It's the degree of awareness about you and choices you make. Have you modeled yourself from a field of light consciousness or from those around you heavy into fears, blame and judgement? Either way this may be the year to stop straddling the fence and swinging that leg on the side that loves and empowers you and offers a choice to live as a light living in fulfillment!

How do we grow and choose the enlightenment from our true self and banish resistance from fear that entangles self-growth? Now is an awakening time to express and choose everything you came to be. Are we the masters and harbingers of change we've been waiting for?

Divine solar light from Hallái energy is the 12th Solar Light Chakra within your being that brings Big T truths to the planet and self. Celebrate this truth because the light switch has been turned on to reveal truth for us all. If it's been hidden it will come to the surface. Be kind as truth reveals itself. A personal connection to God, the Universe and all of creation. They have your back so you can choose fulfillment. The year of 2019 = 12. This is the energy upon the earth revealing now anything hidden within you or from you. My own life has sometime been painful to know the truth, however this knowingness assisted greatly with no more guessing. You just know what you know.

Realities happen from our own creation of thoughts and points of view. Imagine how many thoughts go through your mind in 5 mins and all other people and their thoughts in 5 mins. all creating realities from many different points of view. Look how interesting that is and how we just don't relate to many things around and about us. Will you empower fear or shift to empower more love in your daily life?

May this years choosing be supported by the love you desire. All of Creation is waiting for you to choose and support you. Blessings to the Big T truths we are discovering in being our magnificence.

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