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A Masterpiece Is Waiting For You 8/8/22

Acknowledging every cell in the body is the first step in receiving what your body can magically do for you. Clearing stagnant energy will support your Life Force Energy with energy and youthfulness. Yes that is correct. Youthful life force energy.

An unpleasant smell emanates from a stagnant pond or stream. What do you think happens to a body that gets stagnant?

Do you have the willingness to receive what else is possible for you and your body?

If you don't perceive your value, your body can't be healthy for you.

The body will follow other people's points of views about what it can do for you until you decide to take back the reins.

And it goes like this......

• Universe what will it take for all my choices to support my energy, health and life force?

• What can I put in my mouth today that will support me and my body for youthful perfection?

It's important to remember to start acknowledging the consciousness of every place you go.

Pay attention to the feeling and feedback you are getting. Does it support your wellbeing?

We are in 2022=6, which is opening to the power of love, in the Hallái Healing System. Our planet is in alignment with with a mighty force of Love and Ascended Master Consciousness. We are evolving into the field and frequency of new energy to sustain our bodies life force with new ideas that work better. Today we are receiving the Lion's Gate Energy. A portal of light expanding the planet with light and insight with everyone on it.

Some changes may come like foods; you may start to feel different with your normal food routine. This is a sign your frequency is leveling up and changing to support your higher self. Large pieces of meat may taste good but you could feel heavy and lethargic afterwards. The frequency on the Earth is shifting higher and it's inviting you to play with something new and adventurous that's alive for your body.

Asking your body new questions will be a benefit. You may start craving fruit and vegetables, eating less and drinking more water rather than alcohol.

Your beautiful body holds magnificent wisdom waiting for you to trust what it's showing you. The Universe is always working on your behalf.

Meridian Massage can play a part in resourceful self-care to reboot and restore the life force energy in the meridians flowing to every organ.

Meridian massage therapy is acupressure designed to restore the flow of Qi through certain use of pressure, at very specific points along the lines to open the flow of energy and release stagnation.

Benefits are:

• clear thinking

• release stagnant energy

• conscious mind body connection

• more energy

Today 8/8/22=4 ( Nimahn )


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