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Are Your Circuits Stuck? October, November & December are Key To Changes

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

What if you had No more contradictions in what you desire? No more beliefs that have carved deep rooted pathways to the unwanted things that show.

The energy of Hallái ( 12th energy center ) is the threshold you can come to and begin to fully understand why and how you play a part in life. It is the gentle master that lifts up the tired and worn violin and brings forth beautiful harmonious music. Hallái teaches how to create the harmony in all of your actions so that the full symphony may be experienced.

This wisdom that is accessible through the energy of Hallái gives you the tools needed in life. It accesses the truth within you. It guides you to utilize the power of this truth to bring about ultimate health, joy, prosperity and greater potential in the choices you make. Change anything in your life when you learn to perceive and receive then redirect unwanted energy.

If your under the influence of your inner being you have Turned On the circuits to flow and manifest your requests. It's Law! The law of the Universe nurtures the feel good feeling you want and delivers it right to you. When a heavy belief blocks a circuit it creates stuckness and brings a hindrance into your relationships, financials, and health. Would you like to replace that switch for a new model with improved features that run more efficiently with power flowing in the direction you want? Want to be the receiver of new signals that are inspirational, harmonious, healthy and joyful? You know exactly what I am talking about, you're smart and you know when you're stuck and when you're tuned in!

Change can happen slowly, a few years or a moment when the switch is Turned On and circuits are flowing. When a belief blocks a circuit and recognizes it's stuckness into a hindrance of life, its ready for change. Ready for the changes in the next 3 months?

Want to find your soulmate? You are highly successful but want more from your marriage?

You have gifts and talents and would like to be more fulfilled in your career? Something more meaningful on a deep soulful level.

Jerry's Stuck Story


Jerry originally came to me because he was tired and not motivated one bit. He was smart made a fantastic living, just on auto pilot. Humm, we found out he was tired of his life and just lost the spark living, for his wife, his work and his family.

I told him he lost his passion and drive and I could help him. Jerry was so cute, each time I would ask him a question he would say Yes! That is so true! ( I had to tell him he didn't need to agree with me on everything, I just want to get to the bottom line of what happened! )

Jerry lost his Passion from a few events over 2 years and never took the time to heal through them. He just kept working. Sound familiar! Jerry did a total turn around at 65. Jerry was sick and tired of being sick and tired. In 2 months he got his spark back for his lovely wife Nancy. They took a month off to travel and Jerry got an idea for a whole new exciting business venture while in Newfoundland. Eight months after that he started his new business venture and now has the brightest blue eyes I've ever seen. Jerry got his passion and groove back! And guess what? Jerry looks 10 years younger than when I first met him. Jerry totally rocked my world. If he can have a come back you can too. Why wait to get deeper into a void. He said he wished he had now come earlier to see me. Everyone says that who has my name in their phone, wallet or purse for a few months.

October is a time to let the old release and fall away.

If you feel like Jerry sometime then let's see what else is possible?

Schedule a call 15-30 mins to see how you can move over that mountain. No obligation for a conversation. Here is a link to schedule 15 mins with me to see where your energy leaks are.

The Essentials of Being A journey through healing the 12 energy centers

Love and Light, Rhonda :) 502-558-7345


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