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Awakening Into Conscious Creation

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

What if now you're in one of the most exciting and significant shifts since 2012? That was the ending of a 26,000 year of dominance and control cycle.

2012 started a new journey of enlightenment. The Mayans charted significant cycles of time and not days. There is a new energy of higher truth that keeps that old energy in chaos. All shadow fear energy can only remember is it's latest victory. So don't do that thing you do in fear.

Many of us were ohmming and celebrating all over the world for the shift called the harmonic convergence in 1987. Bright enlightened souls were being born to pioneer into new territory like never before. What could you choose if limitations were a thing of the past, and you've been granted access to create new possibilities? Would you be willing to play and create something more significant and meaningful in your life and for the planet? Could you choose life by what you love rather than what you fear?

Are you're wobble free in life and getting fired up with bright inspirations that ignite new inspired ideas, the kind that settles down deep within you?

Say you're ignited and you've already moved out of the wobble in your career or relationship that nearly killed your soul. Then you felt the changing of the guards. You can't quite put your finger on it, but you felt and noticed the signs and messages coming at you saying it's time to set yourself free. Celebrate your awareness with great appreciation. You're on your way to creating even more because you've created another 1000 wonderful possibilities just by making a decision that honored the true you.

Did you know you'll look younger and live longer too? That's the magical sweet spot life hands you on a golden plater when you let love become your driving force.

Take a bit of time before summer solstice ( it's a beautiful cycle of energy celebrated for many reasons for 1000's of years ). Play golf, sail, ride a bike, hike, or plant a garden. You'll want this connection with the earth to align in her changing energy for support. She is shedding that old cycle to play ball in a universal field of quantum energy, and your new coach wants to give you new perspectives and inspirations to use for just being you.

Hallái's spiritual healing system brings forgotten truths forward to awaken a more profound sense of awareness to become the illumination you truly be. Using the Hallái tools of the 12 energy centers and sound ( your voice ) stimulates you to call forth your real gifts with effortless ease. What are you waiting for?

June blends with the energy of Tolmahr 7 energy center to acknowledge, claim, and be your new creations. If you're ready for a wobble-free fun summer, sign up for my newsletter and dive into forgotten knowledge and truth. This year brings the reality of what's working or not working with your life. It's a gift; everything is working for you. Read how the energy of Tolmahr calls forth your true self to carry forward so much more of you.

Tolmahr 7th energy center of forward movement. June will bring you the truth.

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