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Claiming Personal Power is Freedom

Spiritual Freedom chooses from love. The energy center Re-ah (2nd Chakra) helps us to realize when we choose fear or joy. We can abolish fear and renew joy for new soulful solutions.

This is the energy we often fluctuate within before deciding which side of the fence we want to land on. Neither choice, is right or wrong. It's; "How is the choice working for you?" Does your selection feel free or oppressive, light or heavy?

Many people have many fears of different things, like fear of change.

A fear of lack, a fear of being wrong.

If you fear lack and not having material things, your focus and intents are placed within that fear. The fear of not having the car you want, the home you wish for. What would it take to abolish this fear, to be rid of it? Some might think $5000.00 would get rid of my anxiety. But would it really? You may be concerned where you will get that amount, how you are going to distribute it, and whether you will have to pay it back. Would it resolve everything, or would it be a temporary fix?

A suggested affirmation to taking back your control to release fear is:

"I absolve, I release, I forgive all obstacles that stand between my potential and me. I now open my heart to receive."

We might want to start affirming and claiming this statement yesterday. January 1, 2022, we enter the heart's energy- Hol-mahn (6th energy center). I Open to the Power of Love

Words are not necessary, but they are a tool that you can utilize to direct your energy. Any affirmation that you use is best spoken three times. Then your body, mind, and spirit can agree and integrate with what you are saying.

Freedom from fear, freedom from lack, freedom from want, freedom from the unknown and things you do not understand. You will be allowing your spirit to begin the experience of light and love.

Freedom to love, express, use your voice and have fun. Something good must be coming to help us get ready for the freedom of our hearts next year!

If your energy center is Re-ah or not, It's a dynamic center to recognize your traites to empower them with new solutions and creative energy!

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