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Updated: Aug 3, 2021

August brings new awareness stepping into limitless possibilities. It literally can shift your emotional patterns and realign your soul bringing creative clarity back to yourself.

August, 2021 ushers in a new energy cycle. Hallái 12 chakras move in cycles of time in months and years. Bay-lahr is the 5th chakra moving from 12th chakra down into the 8th month which lands in August on Bay-lahr in a Bay-lahr year - 2021=5.

55-or seeing 5:55 alerts you to something new is taking place and you don't want to miss the moment of new possibilities. Creatively inspired by a different way to do something or a new idea that works much better. Creatively pay attention to what is showing up in August.

Left to our own devices Bay-larh will create the ability to recognize our own wisdom and intuition and guide us to choices that best serve our needs without harming another. The compassion and understanding of another’s needs and thoughts is enhanced through the energy of this Essential. It awakens within us an awareness of how our choices will affect others. It gently guides us in how to apply our decisions.

When a sense of timing and a method of acting on our choices allows more positive response, the energy moves in the field around us. The field begins to electrify and work in new possibilities that encouraged us for more. Like spreading the love that emits from just being you. This energy spreads in waves of light that ignite others whose divine spark of light gets ignited by standing in and around your field of energy. Bay-lahr offers new ways of limitless possibilities to spice up life.

Wishing you an amazing August,


Bay-lahrs Mantra: I release my limitations

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